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Is my website legal?

Hi guys,
I’m a designer from the UK and I’m a little lost with the whole privacy shield thing.

I have a client who wanted a site for a children’s play area. It includes contact details for the play area as well as an email form. It also includes a reviews slider that shows social media reviews though it’s not dynamic I just copied the reviews as the client didn’t want to pay for a plugin.

This is my first site and the privacy shield thing has totally confused me. Am I currently not able to legally host this website with Webflow?

Im pretty sure the answer is no but would like to get confirmation as I may have to tell my client to go elsewhere which really sucks for my first paid job.


Hey Ben,

I guess no one here is in the position to give you legal advice here.

Privacy Shield was declared invalid by European Court of Justice. This means that any transfer of personal data of EU citizens’ to the U.S. “authorized” by Privacy Shield is indeed considered illegal now.

While a lot of big companies rely on Standard Contract Clauses (SCCs) at the moment, european data protection authorities could stop transfers under SCCs too.

Judging from what I’ve been reading, it seems the best way would be to enable an option to host projects on EU servers only - if that’s even possible. I don’t know if AWS is offering that kind of setup or continues transfering data to the U.S.

I personally hope for a statement from webflow on how this situation could be solved in a timely manner. There are a lot of uncertainties at the moment and a lot of companies including Facebook, Amazon and Google need to come up with solutions. I’d wait for any guidance from your authorities and news from webflow.

Again, no legal advice - just my opinion.


I’d urge you to make sure you leave a comment in this post, as it seems to have become the “go-to” for this subject.

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