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What should I tell my clients about hosting? (Legal)


In my project proposals I always mention that the hosting is done by a third party service, but that we manage organization and communication with the hosting provider. We also say that we are not responsible for issues related to our hosting provider, and that the hosting service is only suited for the website and CMS system (so no extra hosting space for files, documents, mail…).

This is really important, because I sometimes make websites for law firms, so I want to make sure that I mention every important aspect about the hosting.

Would love to hear from the Webflow team about this.


Honestly, I would reach out to one of the law firms and barter some work for legal advice/ contract template writing. When dealing with lawyers, they will almost always find ways of ripping apart your contract if they want to be difficult. The best way to protect yourself is to draft up those contracts/agreements with a lawyer beforehand. I am currently looking to revamp my new client contracts as well. Sorry I don’t have a more clear answer.

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Hi @kasperkazzual, one thing that can be done, is to review this article from our help center:

It gives more info on hosting and links to hosting and security related resources.

I hope this helps!

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I agree completely with this and while Webflow does have its own security protocol, this might help you from a long-term legal perspective and you build a confident relationship between eachother.

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I actually have a lawyer making the whole terms document to give to clients. But there are things that I need to tell them, for example: what do we promise about the uptime of the servers, what do we do when the server is down… I was wondering if Webflow has some legal documents for their clients (for us) about the Webflow hosting.

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Are you using an attorney in a specific practice area ?
or a general purpose lawyer ?

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