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What is the Categories Template page?

I’m finishing up the main content, design, and structure of my first Webflow E-Commerce site. How should the Categories Template page be used? I can’t find any videos or articles online that focus on this one page at all. Is this a page that showcase your entire product catalog?



I’ve spent at least 20 hours in the last 2 days trying to figure out what to do with Categories template page also. I’ve built everything else but can not seem to find that last final piece.

Webflow University have a video that explain what “template page” is for and here is other one with advanced option. In general it is just page TEMPLATE.

I believe you can find more sources that will clear out your understanding what “Template Pages” are for

Hi @mjcensullo @MRHOLGRAVE

Categories are a predefined collection that you can use to organize the products you’ll be selling in your store. Categories template page is just a way to show data associated with Categories on the page.

To give a more specific example, if you were to sell clothing in your store, you can have categories like: Shoes, Tshirts, Sweaters, Jackets, etc.
Then after creating different products, and adding them to appropriate Categories, you can use template page to show these products on the website. In this example, your customers will be able to browse your store by category.

To build it, you can simply add a Collection List on the Categories template page, and then bind it to Products collection via a reference.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!