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Choosing the right type of Pages CMS, Category or Product

I am creating a website for a family member’s fashion business that is just starting up. The way the products are structured is pretty standard for a fashion business, Collection and within each Collection there are 5 “looks” that are made up from the 24 garments.

My question is how I structure the site in webflow and what types of pages I use.

The 24 garments are easiest as they are products and will appear on a “Product” page.

Do I create a single Product template page? It looks like there is a selector on the Ecommerce Pages → Products Template menu that allows the creation of a Template per product but surely I have misunderstood that.

Each product will be tagged with the look they are in and the collection using Category tags. I assume that is correct.

If I wanted to have a page that was a display of all the “Looks” in a “Collection” would I create a Category template for the “First Collection” category? Note looks are not products, is the use of a Category template only to show products in a Category?

Garments (these are products) in a look seems like exactly what a Category page is for. If I wanted the same layout for each “Look” category would I create a single Look Category template? Again it looks like the templates are for an instance of a Template i.e. Look1 and Look2 would mean to two seperate templates.

Are CMS pages for Blog and News like pages?

Having watched a ton of videos today I was wondering if WebFlow’s CMS Collections was the answer for a “Looks” page.

As I mentioined earlier we have 24 garments that are styled across 5 “looks” and those looks beelong to a single collection. Would I create a “First Collection” CMS collection that contained 5 items one for each “look”?

Could I link Products to each “Look” as defined in the CMS Collection? Alternatively I could just create a static page and explicitly reference the images for each look.

Sorry about the double use of the word “Collection” I’m sure it doesn’t help with readability.