Products Template for Webflow Ecommerce site

Hi all,

I am looking for some insight because I have reached a standstill on my webflow ecommerce site. I have gone through and create the products and done all the proper set up necessary for my products to be listed under the products section and now it is time to create the products page for my site using the “Products Template” and anytime I try try to make an adjustment to any of of individual products it affects all of them the same. Meaning that if I type out “Basic Plan” as the product title on the page, it will now say that across all the pages for all my products including the ones that are not the basic plan.

On a separate note I am not sure how you are supposed to incorporate the products into your page. My page is a user content page that is supporting a subscription and if you search any of the link to try and create a new page to show the subscriptions available you are not able to find it. My only options are Home, Contact, etc.

Please see the “read-only link” to try and help explain:

Hopefully this makes sense and and I am not missing something super simple. My site is all designed and ready to go except for the most important part… how to take the money lol. Any help would be much appreciated!

I’d recommend checking out this Webflow University lesson on Collection Pages. What you’re describing is expected behavior. The idea behind collection pages is that you only need to design them once and it will copy the template you’ve designed for all of the products you have set up. Instead of hard-coding the text values you need to pull your desired text from the CMS.

Thank you for this video. I understand the idea of the collection page in that they share the same layout as one another and that allows for easy large scale page creations. The issue that I am having though is that in the video they were able to change between their different blog posts and it displayed different content. When I switch back and fourth between my products the pages are mirroring each other no matter what I do. I am not able to change the title of the page (i.e. “page 1”) without it inputting the same information onto the other page (the title on page 2 shows “page 1”).

I figured it out. I need to be pulling the information about the different products from the product details that were built in the collection. This way the different pages/boxes mirror each other in design but you select the information from the collections and it pre populates. Thank you for taking the time to help!