What is the best way to plan for CMS elements on a Webflow project?

Hi Webflow experts!

This is a general doubt related to CMS

So I am a Webflow Developer. While working on client project, What is the best way to decide which elements come from the CMS and plan for it effectively?

Depends entirely on your design goals and your project requirements.
In general, there are a few indicators that suggest the CMS may add value;

  • Any time you have a lot of pages that represent something similar… products, real estate listings, blog entries, staff profiles…
  • Any time you have lists of things that have similar shape… event lists, card-style layout displays, even slider slides…
  • Any time you want to be able to dynamically add / edit data to your site without editing / creating new pages manually in the designer
  • Any time you want to enforce structure, while making data admin easy for your clients

That said, the CMS and collection lists come with limitations that are important to understand, which will impact your design decisions massively as sites get more complex.

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