CMS page builder functionality?

Looking at building my first CMS on webflow.

One of the requirements is for my client to be able to build a webpage using prebuilt sections and elements within (‘symbols’) that I would design for them - they would use the relevant ‘symbols’ according to the content of the page.

Note: A ‘section’ could contain, i.e. one column of text and second column is a picture. An ‘element’ could be a designed box graphic highlighting a ‘treatment programme’.

In essence I want to provide them with page builder as such. I’m wondering how practical this is for my client as I don’t want it to be complicated for them. (I’m assuming my client only needs access to the Editor for this part).

Is this the correct and best approach?

Each one of these created pages would then need a link from the Nav Bar dropdown menu. It would also need an ‘icon’ graphic that appears on the homepage that links to the page. This would be done in the CMS collections I assume?

This should be possible, try looking into the newly released feature Layout

As far as I know, you can’t add/delete sections in the Editor. You can only edit text, colors and links.

Exactly, but you may face some limitations. Because a CMS collection shares 1 layout, there are workarounds for this here:

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