CMS list creation

Hello, guys.
May you please help me to understand CMS list creation. In your opinion, what is the best way \ practice to make a CMS collection, so I could add new links through the Editor panel?

On the attached image you may see a few links (marked blue). How would you make the list?

Here is my read-only link:

Thank you in advance, guys.

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It depends on your content, the density of it, what’s the most important.

You have to define what is the primary collection and what is an item. Looking at your design, the main CMS item can be either:

  • a link
  • a list of links
  • a country

I would say your item should be a list, and the main collection a collection of links. A link item would be composed of a title, a link, a presentation text for the link, and a country, picked in a collection of countries. So second collection would ba countries.

And the design you show would be a series of collections list, showing links (each is a text with a link, on a lin (in a div)), and each filtered for one country.