General CMS questions


I am still fairly new to Webflow (have just been using it for about a week) and have a pretty basic question in regard to how Webflow’s CMS works.

So, I understand that I can use these Collection Lists Elements in my design to display content like for example a team member section. So I suppose the Collection Lists are for content that someone wants to manage from the database that is presented in the same format and someone could just add to the database rather than having to go to the page and add team members one by one.

However, how exactly does the text editor work? Is there anything I have to consider when creating my page to ensure the text editor works for my clients? So here, I mean if they wanted to change the text from a specific paragraph, is there something like with Collection lists that I (as the site builder) have to drop in or will the text editor just automatically work when I design my site?

Hope my question makes sense!

Best, Jana

As long as you connect the correct text input field from the CMS collection to the right text field out on the site, you’re good to go. You can add many different fields to each collection.

Hello and thank you for your answer :slight_smile: Is there a Webflow tutorial explaining what you mean? I thought the CMS collection fields were only for repetitive elements, like a team member page. But your answer sounds like I would need to use the CMS Collection fields for everything that I want my clients to be able to edit themselves, right?

You can allow editors (the clients) access to edit almost everything in a div (not just contents of a CMS collection) on any page by enabling this setting:


Then the editors (clients) log in to the page and can click the element you’ve given access to and change for example an image.

And you’re right about the CMS being for repetetive elements. Every item also gets its own subpage (like a blog post for example, or a profile page etc).

Here’s the tutorial for CMS collection lists:

Basically when you create a CMS collection you add the required fields (which can be a text field, a rich text field (good for blogs etc), image fields, number fields etc). Then you add that collection list to your pages where you need that collection to display, adding in the aforementioned fields as necessary. You can then add some basic logic to only show some stuff when certain conditions are met. It’s pretty nifty.