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What is happening with slider mobile version Different Studios?

In the template Different Studio is a slider. In my website in the page “story of my life”. On mobile Android devices there is a rare link. If I tik on the slider image 3 or the navbar, it’s linked to page “alegria del vida” Strange, can someone plse explain how to solve that?

or try:

Already thanks for answers,

@Corine, try to share read-only link once again, pls. For now it gives error 404, unfortunately.

thanks, done, hope it works now

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Ok, here is what happen:

One of your links inside the “hidden” menu appear close to the slider arrow

Because all menu goes thin and transparent on load BUT it is still there

All you need is:

  • make it display - non on load
  • add one more step in interactions on menu button click

And everything will be fine :slight_smile:


Wow, you’re really great. That’s difficult stuff for me (i am not a webdesigner). I will try that tomorrow.

But I don’t get it why that link was in there, probebly it was on the Differtent Studio Template.

Anyway, thanks very much!

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Yes thanks @sabanna, it is working!

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