Changing navbar view on Tablet Template Different Studio


I want to change on Tablet View the menu apperience into Vertical.

On large Screens on Mobile Phones the Horizontal Menu shows up (tablet settings), and you can;t open the menu.

I can’t figure out how, is there anyone who will help me?

Thanks, grtzz Corine

Hi Corine! How were the holidays? :slight_smile:

Devices are only an indication. Designing for a given breakpoint most likely addresses each device with a given orientation.

But in fact the responsivity works with pixel dimensions of a viewport. Regardless of the OS, the model or the type of the client device.

So you have to take that into account.

Corine I wouldn’t be so concerned about landscape phone: it’s a very tiny portion of user that will view your site this way :slight_smile:

The most delicate is that a landscape tablet will show the desktop breakpoint. So when using videos, or bg videos, it can be a big issue. For some sites I had to resort to a script that detects the OS of the client browser and serve different kind of content.

Now, knowing all this, can you sort things you can deal/live with and things you’d like to be addressed, and tell me?

Hi Vincent,

How are you doing? Hopefully you had nice days.

Holiday here? Haha :slight_smile: , at the moment I’am a Construction worker at Home and in the meanwhile I am going to start with my Atelier Courses & Tasks. Kind of busy :slight_smile:

Thanks for you’re reply, I thought it was a minor issue to fix, but I take it for granted after your advice. This question concerns my Atelier website, not my Blog Website (, the one you did the breakpoints on videobg :wink:

Thanks again, and I wish you a nice and colorfull 2017! grtzz Corine

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Yes to me too Holidays is only a word. i’ve been doing projects after projects on my free time but I guess that’s just who we are, right?

Looking forward to work again with you this year!

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