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How get Circle Menu back? Template Different Studios

Almost done, but the Circle Menu on the left has gone.

Can any help my to put that back?

My thanks will be great!

I guess there is the problem with settings of the Section inside which there is Circle Navbar. It is hidden an all devices:

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Thanks again, now i feel a kind of stupid :flushed:

You are welcome. And do not feel stupid, it can happen to anybody :wink: You just need an experience.
Good luck.

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Hey there @Corine! I am the creator of the Different Studios template. Very glad you got this resolved, it can happen to anyone. Thanks for stepping in so quickly to resolve this @sabanna! :slight_smile:


Also @Corine the site is looking beautiful, brilliant work!

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@jaidenleach, thank you for you’re compliment. The home-page was a struggle, because you’re original was not working for my pics/red colour. Fine you like it, cause I’m not graphic designer, I made the costumes on the pics :-)…

I hope I can also solve the hidden menu problem on the mobile, if not, I give you a call :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for you’re nice template, grtzzz Corine

For sure @Corine, yes the layout changes you made are quite big but it turned out great! Fantastic costumes!

Sounds good! It should be working good on mobile so fingers crossed.

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Hi @Corine, fantastic site :slight_smile: Looks great :slight_smile: