I want navbar Menu not visible on opening website


I want the navbar with the menu not visible when the website is opening. I want that only at the homepage, and the menu has to appear again when scrolling down. I want people first to scroll down (and not clicking on the menu when site is opening)


Tried a lot, but no succes yet. Can anyone help me with that?

Many thanks in forward,
grtzz Corine

Check this out:


Hey @Corine, your link doesn’t work but you could try to do a load interaction that affects only your navbar to not visible and then a scroll interaction to visible.

@adlpp @Daniel_Schultheiss

  1. Link does work now! sry for that
  2. thanks for your answers, but I want menu to be gone (not the logo) only at the homepage on the homesection, were the video is, I have fixednavbar in other sections already,

I only get an 404 on that one :frowning:

@Daniel_Schultheiss, thank you for look again, but the website has some problems at the moment, I unpublished it for a while, sorry for that


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