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Problems with my website on tablets and phones

hi, hope someone can help me!

Design a page called Blania, but when I check the same page on tablets and phones is not the original design. That is to say, I do not see the design of the letter, and the interactions.

Why does this happen?

Oh that’s easy, you have to…

Just kidding (: It’s not possible to understand your issue with what you say. Can you describe it more? And also can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Hello, I am sorry my english is still terrible.

Since i published my page.

I want to know why the design of my page cannot be viewed in ipads and phones. If someone could review and tell me that is missing or because the design does not look as they should be in small devices.

Thank you! This is my first page, I’m starting to understand how it works.

Hey @Aldo_Pineda

I see your website and i noticed that you dont use a Navigation widget created by Webflow, this will help you with the responsive part of website, for the rest i think everything looks good in tablet and phone. You can find it here:



Hello @Deni_1990

I’m going to try what you say, I didn’t know there was this function but i still doubt because the parallax effect of the images are not displayed on small devices, you know why?

Thank you and greetings!

Hey @Aldo_Pineda

I think the parallax effect its disable by Webflow. Works only in Desktop view, and in Mobile or Tablet its just a static img.


Thank you very much, if at any time you have more information of how to display the parallax effect in small devices, I would appreciate it very much.

See you!!