What is going on with my Grid Layout? I need help

NOTE: I had to delete the hover states because originally I wanted the images to expand whenever someone hovers over the image. But it’s not the case when in mobile view, it starts spasm and switching different grid places.

I don’t know what is going on with the image I’m using in the grid. When I switch to the mobile version, those two images when you hover over them spasms and malfunctions. Honestly i’m lost for words. I don’t know what to do.

I do however have a slight suspicion it may be the image’s layout in the grid when I switch the states to “hover”. Meaning, the two images I use in the grid in the hover states, I see the grid’s row/column section not matching with the normal states. I try fixing it but it’ll ALWAYS snap back to another row/column number.

Here’s the link to my website for the full experience -> [ MY WEBSITE ]

PLEASE help, as I really need this website published soon and early to start my freelance work.

I do appreciate all help. I do prefer visual walk through, I learn better that way. Any help overall means a lot. Thank you.

Hi Shane,

On mobile - your grid is confused :smile:
You have only 3 rows, but some elements are manually positioned on row 4.
Although I am not sure why the spasms… :thinking:

You need to reset the grid’s childrens ‘grid position’ property on the mobile view, and then take it from there to where ever you need.