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Why does changing grid on mobile view change desktop?

I am having three issues with grid. Would really appreciate the help

  1. whenever I change mobile grid with one column and three rows the desktop view also changes.

2)I cant delete one column. I right click on the editing bar of the grid and then the site refreshes and I get a complete gray screen.(see screenshot)

  1. whats creating all the space below the grid

My site:

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Only what’s in the Style panel can be changed between devices. If you alter the structure of an element, this won’t be responsive and will affect all devices. For Grids, you can’t change the structure of the grid, but you can change its valueS. You can also change the order of the content.

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Hi, I am wondering if you can help. I am having some issue with my grid, in desktop there are 4 Rows & 3 Columns, However when I edit my grid on Mobile device for 1 Column & 10 Rows things get mixed up in desktop and tablet Device. Is there anything that I missed and how I can resolve the issue? Thanks

Thanks Vincent. Makes sense but I saw a tutorial on youtube where the guy used a grid on desktop but a flex box on tablet and mobile and that didn’t change the desktop? How come?

Grid is a CSS value of the Display property. So you can have Grid on Desktop, and Flex on Tablet.