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Shifting Photo Grid

Hi guys,

I’ve made a CMS lightbox grid (without the actual grid) which shows some strange behaviour. In the designer and preview mode, it’s nicely aligned and responds well to different screen sizes, but on the actual website it shifts all over.

The ‘grid’ appears automatically when you connect a lightbox element to a collection list that pulls from a multi-image source.

I’ve tried to fix this with paddings and/or margins but nothing seems to work. Some people are telling me it’s a bug.

Someone who can give me some advice on this? Cheers

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Check you link mate.

Yeah I’ve changed it to a 2-row style now, for the time being. But the problem still stands with a 3-row styling.

If you want assistance we need to see the 3 col layout. It should be an easy fix.