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What is Bootstrap?

I am a Webflow user and love it. It’s making me want to learn code. I recently bought a JavaScript and Jquery book and in speaking to a developer friend. He said make sure Webflow uses bootstrap. He said he thinks it does. I just wanted to know how many people use it and some of its synergy to webflow code and common uses. I researched it and couldn’t correlate as to where or how to identify it within Webflow and as I learn code the advantage of knowing what it does.


No, Webflow doesn’t use Bootstrap. It has it’s own grid and layout system that is similar.

The main difference is Webflow doesn’t support large container size. Bootstrap has the 1170px container.

Here are the other features that are missing that you need to consider as well.

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Webflow != Bootstrap

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Bootstrap isn’t important anyway. It’s just a CSS framework.

Thank you for all the responses. The YouTube gave me a better understanding of bootstrap. It seems like it is just an editor or IDE and is really a matter of preference.

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