Does Webflow support export in Bootstrap or can anyone help me with simple conversion?


Alright so I know nothing about Bootstrap (literally nothing), is there a way to export or adjust the code to support bootstrap?

no you cannot. Bootstrap is just a ready-made CSS and JS file. You can quickly “design” a site with just code as long as you know what classnames to use.

When you use Webflow, you’re using a CSS framework that our team has made and is much smaller in filesize because you only get the essential code and the custom CSS is made by you.

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You have to export the codes via Webflow and re-create the site using Bootstrap CSS + JS framework, is that correct @PixelGeek?

Why not just create directly with Bootstrap in the first place if you absolutely need Bootstrap?

Bootstrap and Webflow are different layout frameworks, and are not compatible at all.

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Thanks a bunch! I owe you one!

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