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Webflow & Bootstrap

Hi All - Wasn’t able to find a recent response to my question: Does Webflow work with Bootstrap?


Webflow has its own framework. You could add bootstrap CSS but difficult to work with because you can only see it when export.

Probably not exactly what you’re looking for but I made this
With Webflow you could do your own bootstrap. When you’re done you can clone that project for every site that has the need.


They can coexist. It’s tricky but doable. We did:

I’ve actually been able to reliably remove webflow and replace it

It’s is serious PIA… and I wouldn’t recommend it to those who fear blood.

I was mainly interested in the basic structure of the site…

  • and not so much - the interactions (the fluff).

(in short: I wanted to use the Visual Design WYSIWYG advantages of Webflow…
then export the site - and add the fluff later)

Considering the structure… it is possible.
And long as you have a good string replacement process.

on a side note:

If you are interested… this thread may be worth following.

These 2 posts - in a way - are related.

In the above mentioned post… I was trying to have the Webflow library work with Material-UI
while dynamically add pre/externally defined interactions from a database using PHP/AJAX.

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