What happened to live CMS update via API using V2?

I know and have been using the ?live=true url parameter when using the API but don’t see the option in the docs anymore and updates using the V2 API doesn’t update the item live. Do we have to publish each item that’s updated everytime?

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I am also facing the same issue here, I can not get my CMS items publish via API using the live=true again

The only option I find is to use another Zap to update live item to publish it. You can also follow this to publish via API Publish Item

Yea that’s exactly it.

With the new v2 API they’ve removed the “live” flag. You need to make 2 API requests now (the second being your mentioned publish request0.

You’ll also see that reflected in automation services like Make (Integromat) when you create new automations. That said, your old ones should still continue to work with the v1 API and the “live” flag.

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Hey all!

As @ChrisDrit mentioned, one of the changes made in the v2 of our APIs was the removal of the ?live query parameter. This is something our team is still considering for future improvement, but in the meantime, you can use the new Publish Item endpoint to publish individual CMS items. You’re also welcome to continue using the Legacy (v1) API for the time being.

I spent hours updating all my scenarios in Make to go from “update live item” to “updating” and “publishing” separately. However, now I am receiving 429 errors, likely because it looks like Weblow reduced the rate limit for publishing to once per minute, even though the plan says the limit is 120 requests per minute? How can I work around this?

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Yes, they did this some time ago, before the v2 API rolled out, due to others abusing it from the API.

Why would you be updating your site more than that from Make?

I have a site where people can advertise places to camp. When a member signs up I use Make to create two Webflow CMS items for them (a profile page and a camp page) and then I refresh the page so they can see their profile and camp. Doing that once for one user hits the 429 rate limit error.

I used to use the “update live item” option to update the CMS items and that worked great. Then Webflow removed that from the API, so I had to change the Make scenarios to first update a CMS item and then separately publish that item. That worked fine until a day or two ago, when I started hitting the 429 error. I don’t have a ton of users, so I’m confused why I’d be rate limited.

My fear is that Webflow is applying the rate limit of publishing the site once per minute to publishing CMS items (but I’m not sure why I could publish multiple CMS items per minute until the last few days, which coincides with their recent launch…). If this is the case, it seems like a problem, because I can’t imagine there aren’t tons of users who need to occasionally update two CMS items within a minute, e.g. if you publish a blog and want to update the blog (1st CMS item) and the author’s profile (2nd CMS item)…

Or maybe there is some different problem here I’m not aware of?

I emailed Webflow support but haven’t heard back and I tried upgrading my plan from cms to business but that didn’t fix it either. I’d really appreciate any help or ideas you have.

They mentioned that they’ll be bringing that back.

Sounds like a glitch, just reach out to support.

Same problem here. I have updated all the Webflow Module in Make with the V2 modules and now it is a nightmare. All “Update an item” modules are followed with “Publish an item” module, that worked fine for 3 weeks, but since today I have the 429 error even though I insert a “Sleep” module with 80 sec.

@jonohale can you help? A bunch of users appear to be impacted. After updating our API requests for v2 to fix no longer being able to use “update live item” to now having them individually publish cms items and then a few weeks later start arbitrarily failing has been very frustrating. It makes Webflow sites unusable for many common use cases. Hoping this is just a bug that gets resolved quickly since my site is unusable and I imagine others are too. If this isn’t a bug, it feels wrong to impose these extremely low rate limits when the plans clearly advertise 120 requests per minute. Really appreciate a response or any help.

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Link to related thread: Webflow “429 Too Many Requests” Error in Make.com

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We’re experiencing the same problems with 429 HTTP errors, but on the v1 API. We use separate create and publish operations for CMS items because the official Webflow JS SDK doesn’t support setting the live flag upon item creation.
The 429 error is thrown immediately upon item publishing, even if we only made a single request before (creation of the item).

also experiencing this issue since the change…

Webflow please fix asap this has destroyed our sites!

I’m using V2 and not experiencing the site publishing rate limit being applied to CMS item publishing. Perhaps try running a test via Webflow’s Developer App

Are you using make.com?

I’m not using make.com, but did test it. Publishing the same CMS item a few times in quick succession throws a 429 error, but I could do several publishes within a minute.

Huh, been failing for me and a bunch of other users all day.

Interesting. Here are a couple of screenshots from my tests in Make. I had more success earlier this morning, than just now.

I’ve found with several APIs including Webflow and Airtable, the more times you hit the rate limit, the more you get penalised time wise.

@jonohale we need some help here ASAP please!