What happened to live CMS update via API using V2?

I know and have been using the ?live=true url parameter when using the API but don’t see the option in the docs anymore and updates using the V2 API doesn’t update the item live. Do we have to publish each item that’s updated everytime?

I am also facing the same issue here, I can not get my CMS items publish via API using the live=true again

The only option I find is to use another Zap to update live item to publish it. You can also follow this to publish via API Publish Item

Yea that’s exactly it.

With the new v2 API they’ve removed the “live” flag. You need to make 2 API requests now (the second being your mentioned publish request0.

You’ll also see that reflected in automation services like Make (Integromat) when you create new automations. That said, your old ones should still continue to work with the v1 API and the “live” flag.

Hey all!

As @ChrisDrit mentioned, one of the changes made in the v2 of our APIs was the removal of the ?live query parameter. This is something our team is still considering for future improvement, but in the meantime, you can use the new Publish Item endpoint to publish individual CMS items. You’re also welcome to continue using the Legacy (v1) API for the time being.