Publish an item does not appear on live site


What is up with the API request V2 publish an item. It does not actually publish sometimes and I have to publish my whole site for it to work.

I use and I have no idea why it does not work anymore constantly. It used to work flawlessly in V1 when I did not have to use a second module to publish.

Can anyone help please?

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Just a guess, but if the CMS schema between your staging site and your production site are out of sync, it likely cannot publish a single item from staging to prod without publishing the entire site first.

Everything is in sync. Problem may lie elsewhere

What I’m trying so far:

- V1 module of webflow in integromat that used the live feature that got discontinnued (lol?) are set back to empty now. Added a publish item module with a delay of some seconds.

This works better but still some times there are problems with publishing an item to a live site.

I still have V1 api and V2 api working together. Next step is to fully update to V2…

I have the same issue. I use Azure Functions to create, update and publish items in different collections. A few days ago I started noticing items that were not published. I have no clue as to why this happens. The response I get from webflow is “Accepted” but the item is not published. It is ‘staged for publish’. Coult it be due to the V2 API having a different behaviour compared to V1?

Multiple users have this problem and there is no acknowledgement from webflow yet. There is a problem with the API that has been going on for at least since march.

I don’t even have stage to publish. My item is published but when I try to go on the page through the slug I have a 404. Only a site publish sort it.

CDN problem, API problem ? Please webflow.

Hi Youcef, what kind of errors are you seeing on your end when using the Publish Item endpoint?

Additionally, you may already be aware, but you can create an item that directly publishes to your site (assuming your staging and prod domains are all in sync) using the Create Collection Item (Live) endpoint (link).

Hi Zach! I’m not seing any error. The scenario in completes and everything is good. Except it never publishes my item. I have to manually publish my site for the item to appear

So there is nothing to look at I guess. I insist that the problem comes from changes from webflow’s API as it was working flawlessly with V1…

What does your workflow look like? Are you creating an item and publishing in the same Integration? I noticed that “Select All” in the publish an item step won’t account for newly created items in the same workflow when an item may have just been created.

I have many workflows. However I will give you one that always seem to have a problem. 4-5 out of 10 time I get the bug.

Get an item → Get an item → Get an item → Create an item → Update an Item → Publish an item

I did not have to use publish an item in V1 and everything was working wonder…

No reply here nor through my email to webflow. Kind of underwhelming…

Won’t recommand webflow anytime soon. Very low support from email. Had 3 issues, emailed them 3 different times and no reply.

However when you want to buy a custom enterprise plan there is a sales as fast as lighting in your mailbox.

Webflow does not have a support email- you use the form to create a support ticket. The Support link is in the sidebar of the forum here.

As far as your API issues, the only time I’ve seen the behavior you’re describing ( publish item returns OK, but item is still staged for publish ) is when staging and prod are out of sync. Publish staging and try again. I’d suspect the issue is specific to CMS schema changes.

Also in the V2 API I recall seeing some indications that you could choose whether you are affecting staging or production with various endpoints. I need to dig into that and see how things are changing, when I have time.