Bring Back The "Live" Param (v2 API)

If you’ve used the new v2 API (or Make/Zapier connection), you probably noticed that there is no longer an option to set an item as live when updating or creating.

This means you need to make a separate call (or add a separate module) every single time to publish the item.

It’s quite a pain for literally every use of the API - and, it leads to increased costs with Make/Zapier.

I know the Webflow team is doing amazing things with the API and we are all grateful :smiley: But it would be really great if we could either bring that back, or get an explanation about why it disappeared.


Seconded. Please bring this option back.

+1 :fire:

I wonder why they removed it… maybe it was an accident?
Either way, please bring it back! :pray::blush:

I was forwarded this, great news!

Thanks Webflow team!


Can you report back when they’ve implemented it? I’ll be watching this thread.

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Oh this is really great news! I’ve definitely been missing the ‘live’ param! I’ll hold off updating my workflows a little longer…

Although I think it’s kind of weird we still have 3 parameters that control the publishing status (isDraft isArchived and now publishStatus). For API v2, I thought they might combine these…

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Nearly 3 months, and still no “Live” param…