Webflow “429 Too Many Requests” Error in Make.com — [Solved]

I recently started getting repeated “429 Too Many Requests” rate limit errors on a bunch of my make.com scenarios, in which a CMS item is updated and then published. The scenarios have worked absolutely fine for months up until today.

The scenario is a form submission trigger where a user uploads an image, which subsequently updates CMS item and then publishes it. It seems to break once it hits the Publish Item module, returning the 429 Too Many Requests error.

Now I’ve been made aware of the 1 Publish/minute limitation, but I was lead to believe this didn’t apply to the CMS, as those would follow Webflow’s API rate limit of 60 requests per minute?

Until today, the Make scenario worked fine, but now I’m getting the error every time it runs, making my Webflow site unusable. I’m hoping it’s just a bug, or something to do with the new updates across the platform?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


I am having the exact same issue and posted about it here: What happened to live CMS update via API using V2? - #10 by ChrisDrit

I also worry they started applying the 1 publish per minute limit to publishing cms items, bcause the limit seems to be hit with my CMS item publish modules. Hopefully it is a bug, because it would be a crazy constraint to impose.

I am going to try adding small breaks between modules to see if that helps in the interim, but because I refresh the page to show users their updated CMS content, I can’t afford to spare much time between calls (site already feels slow) so I’d prefer if Webflow was able to fix this on their end.

Apparently the Make Chrome extension can also let you see what Webflow returns as the number of calls left in the rate limit if you run your scenario in manual mode, which might help debug.

If I find another solution I’ll post here. Please do the same!


Another thread here with numerous users having the same issue. Seems like a webflow bug. Email support and hopefully they prioritize a quick fix.

This is absolutely destroying all of my scenarios right now and is beyond problematic… I really really hope this gets fixed soon! Probably the most impactful Webflow issue I have seen to date… including the entire designer being down


Same. My site is essentially down until this gets fixed.


#SAME! I’ve got this problem in my Make scenarios and it’s really impacting my new membership sales and causing some increased customer service work.

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I agree, one single CMS item being published per minute would completely kill any potential Webflow has to be a SaaS creation toolkit. It renders it unusable


Me too! This has completely destroyed my site that relies on memberstack and make integrations!

I hope webflow fix this ASAP as this is absolutely crippling a lot of sites…

I agree with @Julian_Galluzzo - this is a HUGE issue that needs to be fixed immediately.

Seems like Webflows attention is focused 100% on a completely unnecessary rebrand instead of supporting their power users and squashing known bugs…



I’m in the same boat as @Julian_Galluzzo - fix this ASAP please!


Webflow emailed me and said they are looking into it. No solution yet.

Update here from Webflow…

We can’t use the v1 API with Make, so we will need to figure something else out for the time being. Whatever that may be…

This is bad :sweat_smile:

Same issue on my side :cry:

To anyone that urgently needs a quick fix for the weekend on their Make scenarios, here are some of the V1 Webflow modules, let me know if there are any modules missing that you need, all CMS related modules should be included. (sorry I cant upload the json directly here!)


I have posted a thread on X: https://twitter.com/vianneypercq/status/1712741654556291131
Hope Webflow will react …

Webflow is working on the issue

Thanks so much for sharing that @Shadi I was able to use the blue print and reimplement some of the v1 modules back into my scenario. Seems to be working ok so far.

Thanks for sharing that @Julian_Galluzzo

Without warning this is just wrong.

It’s hurting a lot of Webflowers.


Is there any realistic solution to this?

V2 API is not usable at all with these limits, and V1 API takes 10+ seconds per operation (and, when you need to create, update, then publish - this is 30+ seconds).

If this was just a make issue, we could just use the API on it’s own, or some other automation tool, but since it’s the Webflow CMS API, there is no real way to work around it besides ditching the CMS entirely, which brings a million of it’s own problems to the table.

I can’t actually believe this hasn’t been fixed yet. This has literally paralysed my web app.


Webflow team, this is extremely urgent. All of the past automation has stopped. I have 20 clients pissed at this point — nothing I can do until we publish items via the API.


This has been going on too long. We needed a stable API like yesterday, actually no - last week!

How is this still happening? This issue has completely destroyed webflow in my opinion.

We are PAYING for the API rate documented here:

Rate Limits.

This states we get 60 requests per minute. You’ve throttled it to 1 RPM - that’s INSANE.

No warning? No reply from webflow staff in this thread?

There’s countless people in this thread (and those lurking too) that have spent countless hours of their life and thousands of dollars developing websites that are built on the 60 RPM limit - and you’ve destroyed us with this.

I’ve bought Webflow merch, ranted to my friends about Webflow, moved about 15 clients to this platform… and I’ve been shitted on.

I’m not just incredibly disappointed, I’m actually really pissed off.

This should be your highest priority right now. Please just fix it.