What does 'Reviewed' mean on the wishlist?

As per title.
I got an update saying this:Support for CSS3 Paged Media Module Level 3 | Webflow Wishlist is reviewed, it would be a useful implementation for printing and designing for print using Webflow/HTML tools.

Hi @Sam_Sharpe thank you so much for checking in on what the Reviewed status means.

Our team is working through the entire wishlist and in this first phase by the end of this month we will have reviewed all wishlist items, merged duplicates, set a status on each request, and cleared out all spam.

In the next phase we’re taking each reviewed wishlist idea and working with our internal teams for next steps to provide more transparency around what we’re working on at Webflow.

Please let us know on each respective wishlist idea if you have any feedback/examples of how that feature could impact your workflows.