Wishlist: Reviewed

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of Wishlist items being marked as “Reviewed”.

I’m wondering if anyone knows what this means exactly?

Obviously, the idea has been reviewed—great, what was the outcome of that review?

It would be fantastic if the Webflow team could take five minutes to add a comment on the reviewed item explaining what the outcome was.

@Waldo recently answered a similar question so I’ve included his reply below for reference:

So essentially they’re cleaning house and making a list of topics to discuss internally to figure out what will be worked on—until then I’d imagine most replies would just be “we’ve reviewed this and will update this Wishlist item when we have more information”.

I can say after a great conversation not too long ago with Waldo himself that they are putting a massive effort into a number of areas (including the Wishlist) so this is just the first phase of that work.

If he has anything to add I’m sure he’ll chime in, but hopefully that gives you a bit more insight :+1:


Thanks for the explanation and link. I’m looking forward to more regular communications on Wishlist items in the future.

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