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Webflow, we know that you are always working hard to improve the product - and it is a great product - all in one design tool, cms and hosting platform!

However, the one thing that constantly seems to leave customers down is the communication about new features release and in particular - the wishlist system. It seems to be a vacuum where customers are sent and never heard.

There are other forum posts about this which elaborate on the topic more comprehensively:

C’mon Webflow - you’ve over 50 people working for you - surely there can be a monthly update on the status of features and wishlist items. Give us something. Please.

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Totally agree @Diarmuid_Sexton

I’m super positive about so many aspects of Webflow, but the Wishlist system as is, from my perception as a customer, either misses the mark or our expectations of it are wrong. We know development is hard to pin a date on, we know priorities change etc, and we want quality, not rushed buggy releases…we get that part, and we are with you on that :webflow_heart:

The issue is the lack of response/discussion/UPDATE - we just want to know what Webflow is currently thinking about each idea. Where there is a response, the trail then seems to go cold…(perhaps behind the scenes it hasn’t gone cold - but we have no way of knowing)

That also goes for the blog update which followed the second link in Diarmuid’s list above. It was great…but as @DanUK1 pointed out it’s gone cold again.

I’ve heard mention (maybe @PixelGeek mentioned in a workshop) of staff or a team looking at ways to review/revive/get the most out of the Wishlist…but then…it’s gone cold again.

Would love to hear your feedback/plans @waldo or @anais - is this something on the near horizon?

So much of Webflow is great, we just want the wishlist to match! I spend a few hours each week helping on the forums, but would happily do the same or help moderate in the wishlist if you needed some more community engagement there.


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Totally understandable. Which is why our product manager @Lindapham has been posting updates whenever possible and @AnnaKelian has been merging submissions and keeping things tidy on there.

Also, if you didn’t hear from our last Q&A with our CEO, @callmevlad, instead of doing a Q&A every 6 months, we’re doing it every 3 months :slight_smile:

So stay tuned for that at the end of March or beginning of April

Edit: The next Q&A with Vlad will be on April 3rd :slight_smile:


Good to know it is receiving attention! :slightly_smiling_face:

Great move to have the quarterly @callmevlad - I think that will make a big difference on the communication/where we’re at/what we’re thinking front. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Lindapham @AnnaKelian It would be great if you could ensure that any wishlist item has a status of some sort - that assures the poster that it has been acknowledged and given some thought, and not lost in the mix…

It would also be great to know why an item has it’s status downgraded, plus ensure there is some updated staff commentary on established highly voted items like: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/DESIGNER-I-11 - which is 2nd, with 1364 votes, 66 comments…but no status / no updates

April 3rd in the diary :webflow_heart:


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@PixelGeek Thanks for the info.

As for updates - other than the new release updates and announcements as features drop into production - I’m only aware of two updates last year - the blog post “What we’ve been working on” by @brryant and the Q&A with @callmevlad. These were great.

Something like this every month would be great - not necessarily as comprehensive but just something to keep us informed and so we feel like we’re playing some part in the product development (i.e. via wishlist, feedback and bug reports).

As for the webflow wishlist, I’m with Stu on this.

Looking forward to the quarterly update - a date for the diary!

Thank you @Diarmuid_Sexton , @StuM for your feedback! We haven’t been the best at communicating our status or roadmap, but I want to assure you that we are checking the wishlist constantly to help us figure out what we need to build next.

To help improve our communication, we are going to post updates for the top 10 ideas twice a year and whenever there is a significant change to the idea status. If you check the wishlist now, you’ll find our updates in the “Admin Response" of each idea. This paired with @callmevlad’s quarterly Q&A should keep you updated on where we are with our product.

We have also added a Future tag to highlight any ideas that we want to build but are not in our short-term roadmap.

We hope this helps you plan your next few projects and excites you about what is coming next in our product pipeline!


Thank you @Lindapham - that’s really good to hear - and I can see there are already some admin responses posted. Knowing Webflow’s plans has a big effect on our own business plans, and how we invest our time in either staying patient, or finding workarounds!

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I really don’t understand the wishlist and it’s relationship to users’ request. Some of the highest voted items aren’t getting any updates. And items that had been dogged to death in the forum before the wishlist came live still haven’t been addressed.

Regardless, I just want to see features drop into production.

We’ve heard hype that the changes in the underlying system will allow faster delivery of new features but now we need to see it in action. Webflow users spent the later part of 2016 and most of 2017 just waiting. We need to see features that are solving the everyday use issues/cases or smoothing out the kinks (setting a Webflow site up with SSL with naked url), getting forms delivered to more than one service (especially with the unsubscribe option still available), get services site based not account based, better handoff to clients and getting rid of the workarounds that impact workflow. We don’t need to see tweaks to the designer.

I just have a hard time wrapping my head around what is being selected as priority off the wishlist. Users have been asking for pagination since the CMS launched and were told it would be coming yet now in the 2nd month of 2018 it’s not even “In Development.”

Do we need to add “remove unsubscribe link from form emails” to the wishlist?

Hi @jdesign. I know it’s been frustrating waiting for these features as we were making changes to our infrastructure. It was frustrating for us too, but we had to do it to make sure we were ready to build everything we want to build this year and next. Thanks to that effort, we were able to launch Site Search (#2 on the list) a few months after and soon Cross Site Copy Paste (#1 on the list).

The Wishlist is a really good way to communicate with us on what you need. If there are still items in the forum or ideas/enhancements that you might have that is not there, I highly recommend for you to add it as soon as possible.

P.s. It is safe to say pagination is coming in 2018. It’s actually a pretty complex feature, but the scope and designs are now finished, and we’re excited to get started.



Forgive my ignorance, but can someone please verify the priority in terms of completion and elaborate, especially relative to one another?


  1. Already exists - self-explanatory
  2. Shipped - self-explanatory
  3. In beta - self-explanatory
  4. in development - self-explanatory
    ? 5. Planned - ?? does this mean it’s been scoped or in the process of being scoped??
    ? 6. In backlog - ?
    ? 7. Future - ?
  • Let me know if I need to post clarification of whishlist to the wishlist. Ha!



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I’m also confused by the wishlist tags and hope that someone will answer Nathan’s question. As someone who is leaving Muse and considering alternatives including Webflow, it would be very helpful for me to have a clear idea of what features are definitely coming vs. what features are maybe coming.

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Future features were discussed with our CEO during our quarterly live Q&A:


  • GDPR
  • Cross-site copy/paste
  • E-commerce
  • Pagination
  • and lots more!

As for Nathan’s questions, I’ll ping @Lindapham for this :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @nathanphilsteele

Yea of course. Hope this helps!

  • Planned: This means this feature is either next-to-be-scoped, being-scoped and designed, or ready-for-development. It usually means the feature is planned to be worked on in the year, assuming nothing changes our priorities.
  • In backlog: This means that the feature is something we see in our short-term roadmap of the next few years.
  • Future: This means that the feature is something we see in our long-term roadmap

We will do our best to stay on this track and update you when anything changes. Estimation is hard for any software development team, but we’re excited about the next few features launching soon!


Being a UX designer, I like to make suggestions, sometimes to my own detriment. That said, it would be great if there was a in “info” icon beside these and tool tip that pops that gives the definition when when one hovers or clicks on the icon…seeing that I’m not the only one that was confused.