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WF for Themeforest

Has anyone made a WP Theme and able to sell it on themeforest? Would themeforest accept themes made in webflow? I know for sure bootstrap and foundation are 100% acceptable but not sure or heard someone successfully sell a theme made in webflow.

Planning on submitting one Webflow = WP theme.

Knowing the code quality they require, I don’t see how this would be possible. Not that WF produces bad code, at all, but lots of prefixes etc… It’s already hard to build themes for TF.

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I agree. Which is why I wish WF can do bootstrap as well. It’s really sad, I totally love webflow but with the absence of bootstrap is the only downside of WF, for me. There’s stackhive too that does bootstrap, but lets just say there’s a lot of stuff that need to get improved with with SH. :confused:

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I agree on bootstrap implementation. It is a serious must.

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Haha. Stackhive…

heh. Sorry have to mention it, since it does bootstrap but SH, have a number of issues I have encountered. WF is far better responsive prototyping tool out there as of this moment. I’ve heard SH is a copy of WF but that’s a different topic now. LOL.

I really hope WF will really consider having bootstrap here. Considering the amount of bootstraper out there is way too overwhelming compared to other responsive framework, thus it’s a win-win for both users and WF Team if they go for bootstrap.

but… I’ll give WF a try and see if it will pass the TF standards. (While waiting for WF to implement bootstra :stuck_out_tongue: )

Oh jeez, you’re a free man, you do what you want (-; But I have the urge to tell you two things, that are only my opinion, but I think are the truth:

1/ I don’t see in what parallel world Themeforest would accept templates built by generators. They’ll open one file and reject the project without any commentary. Going to go from submited to rejected in a snap. This is not their standard, they don’t want to sell to customers this kind of code. Ever. My bet is 100% you’ll be rejected, either for HTML template or Wordpress template. As a customer buying about 3 to 5 TF templates a year, I’d be bummed to deal with generated code, I’m used to have super clean semantic HTML in my themes and templates.

2/ Don’t wait for WF to support Bootstrap. Spend 2 hours reading posts from WF people here and figure what is on their plate already. Figure what is their business model. Bootstrap does not fit in, it’s irrealistic, even if you can find some posts from WF people stating that supporting Bootstrap would be an interesting thing to do, even if it’s written somewhere on a roadmap, I don’t see that coming to dev. The more they go forward with features (ie: CMS), the less likely Bootstrap support will happen. Again, I can be wrong, but seriously…

So WF can do a million great things, but WP templates for Themforrest and Bootstrap support is in my opinion two things that are vain to attempt or waiting for.

Things you can do : templates for Webflow!

First. You could be right with #2 but then again, the opportunity of getting WF more customers could be having other frameworks such as BT/Foundation. I’m just saying, that based on my experience and to what I’ve seen/read/experienceed everywhere(internet and seminar/conference I have attended to), 90% bootstrap are mentioned or being used and that 10% are a mixed of other RWD frameworks.

You are absolutely correct on TF being so strict. There are guidelines you need to follow with the design aspect and the coding part. the WP part is a bit tricky as well.

My friend is a TF author for WP Themes. We partnered up as he have been outsourcing some of his work(html/psd/wp) over to me. He admittedly said he was using divshot at one time and pingendo too(And got accepted!). You see, after he finished his template, we clean his code(if deemed necessary) and fix some classes semantically. Ctrl+H(Find and Replace) is our friend for this process. We just newly heard of webflow tbh and got inlove =). But again, its missing the one thing that’s widely accepted framework-bootstrap. So yeah, he haven’t tried WF Yet! and which is why we are asking other TF Authors.

The purpose of getting these prototype tool is to get things faster. I can seriously and been seriously coding bootstrap manually and can do 1 site with basic(standard) pages (non-ecomerce) that’s with cool animation(s) or parallax stuff if necessary within less than a day… As I’ve tested WF, I can do 1 site in an hour or less(I know some of you would say within a minute. Well. I have OCD with ‘design’ process, yes I’m perfectionist). Imagine the number of templates you are going to get within a day with using responsive prototype tools or generators like webflow or the other. This is the reason why I’m here in WF, because I see a great potential in this tool. And I love the UI,functionalities,etc…Like I said above, the only downside of WF is not having bootstrap and the Import functionality(which they should have made it in the first place IMO).

The reason why I ask if someone here is a TF author and successfully submitted a theme using WF is because I want to make sure if TF accepts WF coding(we are more concerned with the webflow.js part). We want webflow to our Permanent tool.

Any WF authors out there that can get this query done? You can pm me if you want discretion(I Understand). TY

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I know that there are a lot of people in the forums dying to see a tutorial that integrates WF with WP in detail. To an end product as shown in this topic. Personally, I’d be happy to pay you $25 USD for such a video-tutorial, as I’m not a code-pro. [And we’re still waiting on the CMS-functionality]

If there are people here that sell WF themes on TF, I’d say they will not share their secret(s) as it reduces their chances of making a buck. Still, CTRL + H would be your friend with cleaning the WF code too right? :smile: I’f I’m correct there’s a guy on this forum that writes scripts. That would be my first investment (of time and resources) : writing a “cleaning script”.

ps. I’m serious about the WF to WP tutorial. Let’s make a deal!

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I can do certainly do it for everyone here for free, but right now, I’m in a phase of buying a new mic condenser as mine is already broken. I’ll try to see this week(or next wk) if I can buy a good headset instead and do WF-WP integration or theming. But of course, I would not cover theme option panel =) Sorry. I can do only the theming/integration process(design and blog functionality. Perhaps a bit of sidebar). I do use option panel through the use of framework but that’s for our clients or prem themes. Will see… It’s hard to find some good mic condenser or headset in our area (Philippines).

P.S. Seriously though, calling out TF authors here. I know some of you are here :slight_smile: We can perhaps collab and I might be able to trade in our stuff as well. Perhaps the SEO side of me would help too. PM me pls. TY

Anything its possible! Trust me :smile: Just you need to know what the requirements of the TF are, you need to have a super clean code, everything commented in HTML, all JavaScript should be written with “use strict” mode on. For example, you can do this with jQuery as follows:

(function($) { "use strict"; // Author code here })(jQuery);

Make sure the CSS file is well documented with proper table of contents. ex:

And you need to have a great design :smile:

Good luck!

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I love that idea - WF Script Cleaner sort of tool/script. Go for it! and share :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you man. Greatly Appreciate it. We are just concerned with the webflow.js. I love webflow and I think we have to invest in a custom programming for cleaning webflow.js and recreate it through a ‘script’. I think you already have submitted yours in TF I presumed? :slight_smile: So, did you recreate webflow.js or leave it as is?


The webflow.js its great so we don’t have nothing to touch :smile: can touch if you don’t want that other people see the source. Im talking for webflow too! :wink:

ps: To be clear, you need to extract the code when you finish, to clean it, do all the steps that i explain before, you need a php and jquery to make the form work and as i said a GREAT design. If u are a new author will be a bit more harder to be approved.


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Interesting… Stackhive will import a Webflow website.

The import was slow… but everything minus the Map was transferred successfully

  • and more importantly… ran perfectly.

Their font selection seems to be very limited

The editor is slow and clunky - odd that the visual design tool - looks clunky.

It seems to support more media queries.

The interface is kind difficult to understand… or at least it will take a while to figure it out.

Cannot seen to locate a way to export the code - OOPS. I just found the option.

In reviewing the exported… it didn’t actually remove / modify the Webflow files. I’m guessing the product didn’t want to disrupt anything you currently had running - like transitions / interactions / etc.

In testing the different media queries… every media query worked perfect.

Not sure what the cost is. Their upgrade button does nothing.

Cannot access your account page either. Message says they are still building that section.

I’m guessing product is still in development - and hasn’t been “officially launched ?”

Yes, they’re still in development mode says the founder. If you didn’t notice, sometimes in the code view, it added an <em> even if you didn’t add it. But right from scratch it works perfectly tho. You are correct about the interface. But importing a bootstrap template works flawlessly tho.

Image Upload - The image upload tool seems to be nice but, it somehow compressed the image. I prefer not to since I already optimize the quality/size in my PS.

Interface - confusing at first but I like WF way more! Design wise.

Slow - clicking an element the property window loads slow not like in WF load’s instantly which I like about WF.

Preview - No instant preview like WF.

CSS - yes it lets you edit your css directly while you’re in the workspace but whenever you change something to your element through the use of the property window, it will create another line of CSS code not using the existing class. I hope I make sense lol. But yes, a big plus having that CODE View.

Code View - clicking a particular element html code, it wont automatically update the property window. Which would be great so you can click the code example <img>, it will then automatically update the property of that IMG. And don’t have an option where you can CLEAN your unused elements/code.

WF works flawlessly. Except it don’t have import tool and bootstrap in it.

Yes, they said they are still in dev mode updating some stuff and once its complete, they’ll going to have a monthly/yearly sub. plan. So, its totally FREE at the moment. The upgrade button is not working atm because of the earlier mentioned. No documentation or tutorial atm. They have blog but it’s empty.

All in all… I think Webflow is by far the superior product.

Stack Hive doesn’t give me enough… to want me to pull my sites from Webflow over to Stack Hive.

Even if I had started with Stack Hive (instead of Webflow)… using Webflow would be enough to pull me away from Stack Hive.

The 2 features that Stack Hive does have… that I really like - and perhaps Webflow should take of note of… is

    1. importing
    1. bootstrap

Price (only for me… I know some people have difficulty with Webflow pricing) is not really an issue.

The current cost of Webflow (for me) is negligible… so free doesn’t really entice me / do anything for me.

I’m willing to pay for quality, stability, and a refined user experience.

I left the Stack Hive site feeling - it didn’t give me enough… even with the importing and bootstrap features.

I wonder how difficult it would be for Webflow to change over to bootstrap. Seriously Webflow. How difficult would it be ?

That might / would help put a nail in the Stack Hive coffin.

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as I do my searching here in WF forum, I’ve found Dave’s comment regarding bootstrap inside WF. Then I came to think of it, its possible since here in WF, we have the option to edit our CUSTOM <head> and <footer> code. Which can be found here -> example:

I’m gonna give it a try.

Guys, not meant to hijack this post but i really have a question. You guys mentioned that TF require a clean code for their customers right ? so if someone is making a web template in WF, is it ok to sell it to customer ?

Lets say i find a customer who wants a certain type of web template that i am able to provide using WF. Can i sell it to him with all the generated code ? is it acceptable ?