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Selling themes on themeforest?

Hello, anyone is using webflow professional plan for made templates and sell, for example on themeforest envato…, is legal? any experience?

You can’t sell them on theme forest for the use in webflow because there is no way to import a template back into webflow. If you mean using webflow to create html templates, then I don’t see why not as long as you build them completely from scratch.

Thanks for the answer, i mean exporting the code.

Good question. That depends on the definition used in the terms (under 16): “Resale of services”

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service without our express written permission.

I’d say, that part of the Service is not so defined in article 2 “Description of service” that you cannot sell the output.

That, combined with this quote from article 7 “Your rights in your content”, would make it possible to sell on Themeforest or any other template site.

Webflow does not claim ownership of your Content

Somewhere in the forums Webflow staff have already confirmed that you can sell your own unique content developed using Webflow tools. You can’t sell their themes or themes from their marketplace.

Thanks @Diu for pointing that out.
Question. Though this might not directly related but, can we sell our themes created from WF to webflow premium templates (those templates listed as WF prem. templates)? lol