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Support for Bootstrap 3 Framework

Dear Webflow Team,

I’m new here but I already love WF. But I only hope that you will add Bootstrap 3 Framework here. I love BT so much and I love your app as well.

Hi Joey, I’m not from Webflow but I think I can crush your dreams: WF isn’t and will never be a Bootstrap editor. There is simply no reason for that. Webflow’s business is mainly selling you hosted websites. The fact we can even export the code is cool but is far from being Webflow’s purpose. They only have one goal: let people make the best modern looking websites with the minimum of difficult & technical tasks.


Ok. I’ll just wait til they change their minds. :smile:

just curious, why do you need the Boostrap framework specifically?

The code output, native BT is col-md-4 etc. The dev company I have collaborated with the dev projects, are into bootstrap +wp and I must write it in BT way. Obviously WF has its own framework - w-col etc… Its ok. I will still use WF on ‘other’ project that doesn’t really require this type of coding.

They won’t, think about how they could make a business out of it… they can’t so they won’t.

Got it! Thanks

They won’t, think about how they could make a business out of it… they can’t so they won’t.

Well in previous posts they have stated that in the future they had planned to allow you to choose the framework (Bootstrap, Foundation or Webflow) you wanted to work in prior to creating a project and letting you go from there.

Hope to see that realized this year.

EDIT: Found the post

When we tackle frameworks it won’t be from in the export step, but in the create-a-new-site step. It’s a lot easier for a new project to start with a framework (you choose which framework you are working with when creating a new site) than somehow convert current classes to fit the styles of other frameworks. Bootstrap and Foundation grid structures behave very differently so it’s not easy to “just convert” your site to another framework because it may break the whole layout.

We are considering these things and hoping to build out this kind of functionality. But it’s farther down the road. For now you can find and replace all classes in the webflow.css and your exported site’s css to remove “w-” classes.

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I bet you’ll see nothing and they regret saying too many things (: Once again, I see no benefit for Webflow to become a BS editor, at all. And even if it was still in the scope “down the road”, there are so many evident things up the hill that I wouldn’t expect this to come anytime soon. Easily enough time for Bootstrap being replaced by something cooler.

Thanks for this. Glad to see some hope here. =) I guess we have to wait and see.

there’s always work arounds? the output is in divs with css,

you can use that inside bootstrap html :man_with_turban:

For about a month… I’ve been testing

  • manually changing the webflow classes to bootstrap

mostly works but interactions are shot though.

So - in testing - I’ve made plain vanilla projects with no interactions
and trying to convert the project to bootstrap.

Any news regarding bootstrap on webflow? :smile:

So Bootstrap Support is also on my wishlist :smiley: The reason is simple: I’m using [Meteor][1] and there are so many UI things that you can just use plug & play like [meteor-autoform][2].

I’m sure this is still the case if you’re not using Meteor :wink:

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Hi guys, I was wondering if it would be a possibility to have an option to switch to Twitter Bootstrap?

Webflow is intended to be used “side-by-side” with Bootstrap or Foundation.

See also

PS: @FvG, I’m also a Meteor developer. Webflow isn’t really made to build web apps with; rather, websites. I’ve used Webix and MateralizeCSS with relative success.

Time for a flexbox-based grid, which Webflow doesn’t use, probably because of the ~2% of market share that IE versions without full flexbox support still have.

Otherwise, there are Bootstrap editors: DivShot, StackHive,

And Flexbox is a bit complicated, there are a lot of parameters. It would be fantastic in a graphical environment like Webflow.

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If you are using Meteor (or whatever), and self-hosting, and want to utilize Bootstrap with a Webflow design, just include the Bootstrap CSS and JS.

Webflow is namespaced, so there is no reason why you can’t design in Webhook and bolt Bootstrap onto the self-hosted site without fear of collisions.

If your developers “require” Bootstrap – design around them in Webflow. Give them an empty div with a new class called “you-guys-should-know-how-to-deal-with-this-anyway” and tell them to plop their Boostrap/Meteor code there.



@dkenzik: That would surely work, however I’d prefer to have bootstrap components we could build on using Webflow.