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Is it possible to build theme for theme forest here?

is it possible to build theme (htmls/css/java) here and after build from that theme and sell on theme forest or other markets? i`m targeted on wordpress templates

Yes, you would just need to implement your exported code into Wordpress. I’ve never personally done this, but I know it is possible. There are even services that offer the conversion from exported Webflow code to Wordpress template for some fee.

One note, I’m sure any purchased Webflow templates are not allowed to be resold on other markets and would put your account at risk of termination (would be in violation the ToS of Webflow). Not implying that is anyone’s goal, but just wanted to note it :slight_smile: Your own creations are totally clear for resale. It’s really just a matter of you getting your exported code into a Wordpress template.

Someone with more experience in this specific space may be able to tell you more, but I hope this information guides you.


Edit: Here’s more info on the single use licensing of the templates Webflow has on

Here’s the conversion tool:

Never tried it but I’ve heard a lot of good feedback about it.