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Weird autofill issue after Chrome update

Yep, has been intermittent for a least a couple of months in Chrome. It’s super annoying, as it prevents the user from toggling a value with the up-and-down keys, instead you are forced to manually enter a number and manually re-enter adjustments.
For reference, I have autofill set to “off” in Chrome.


Hi @Brando, Any word on this bug? It still a problem for me. Perhaps a cache problem?

Everything works fine for me. Using Chrome

Hey @fathom @Cricitem :wave:

I can see there is a fix currently being worked on, so once it’s been pushed live then we can let you know. You’ll likely need to do a hard refresh and empty the cache once it’s live.

I know it’s really annoying, so thank you for your patience :pray:

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Hey again,

If you could clear your cache and please try again as a fix should be live now.

I’ll be standing by for your responses! :crossed_fingers:


:racing_car: one min

Hello @magicmark

Is this affecting the forms autofills as well? I’ve always experienced this and although it’s not annoying as people could think it’s a bit strange to work like that in the designer and whenever you’re previewing your site.

@aaronocampo I would say that is expected behaviour as defined by the browser. You can turn this off by disabling autofill in the browser settings.

I will certainly ask if this expected though :slight_smile:

unfortunately, still the same bug :frowning:

Hey @magicmark, thanks for your quick response, although I did that a while ago for this same reason and still have the same issue :disappointed:

Thanks for the update @shokoaviv I’ll keep you posted.

@aaronocampo I’ve mentioned this too to see if it’s expected or not.

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Still there. Tried incognito on a different account as well.

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Yayyyyy it’s gone!

Thanks Webflow devs!

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Yes we pushed a fix for this :tada:


Hey @Brando

Is this affecting the login forms? I mentioned this to Mark here:


Hi @aaronocampo

I believe this is a separate issue with a separate fix the team is working on. You are referring to chrome autofilling forms in the Designer preview mode; correct?

Ok, I thought it was the same.

Yes I mean autofilling forms on in the designer, not necessarily in preview mode though. I experience this in the designer and different browsers as well not just Chrome.

Thanks @Brando

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Thanks for the extra info here @aaronocampo.

Will definitely keep you updated when a fix is pushed :bowing_man:

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The error is back again in Google Chrome - my username is going into the incorrect fields where there is a form on the website

In all of my web applications, user id is getting filled into the any one of the text box on the page. for example a data table with j-Query search.

Drop-downs with Select 2 library is also working in correctly. Since last update of google chrome.

Kindly suggest what to do?