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Hi Webflow.

This only started today 31st August. The quick find window is constantly being highjacked by the cursor.

In the past, doing a quick Command E (absolute massive saver) launched the find window and allowed you to type in your first letter or 2, then you could just hit enter.

Now however, the window launches and you type in the first letter, which filters correctly, however the selector is jumping down to the equivalent position that your cursor was in at the time of launch.

So basically you cannot have your cursor anywhere near the search window, otherwise the search is highjacked by the cursor. Which in reality, is near 100% of the time, as your cursor is more often than not situated centre screen, or there abouts.

This was not the case until today. I use the quick find 100-200 times a day, never had an issue with it (after initial teething problems) until today. Now I am getting unwanted elements in the page, switching pages, any thing but the item I wanted, because I am hitting enter thinking I am going to get the item at the top of the list!

The cursor should not be highjacking the selector unless you specifically click something.

Let me know if you need to see a video.

Thanks Graham

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Hey @allthingsGJD! Sorry to hear this is happening to you.

I’m sure you already tried it, but can you see if the issue persists in Incognito mode? Further, can you share a screenshot of your browser’s console?

While I can’t resolve this bug for you, a Webflow Support team member will likely ask you the same two questions when they see this. Let us know!

Hey Matt,

Just tried it incognito same issue on chrome. Just out of curiosity I logged in using safari, the quick find works exactly how it use to in safari, so this is a chrome only issue.

I opened the console whilst the quick find was open in chrome, there were no issues or warnings, the report section at the bottom was empty, so I didn’t screenshot it.

I am curious, are you saying that you don’t see this in chrome?

I can record a video of this happening if you like.

Thanks Graham

Hey Matt,
After doing some further testing in chrome normal, I noticed my cursor was disappearing after the quick find had been open, clearly something to do with the find highjacking it.

So I thought lets see what the console says without touching the mouse, so I used the keyboard to open the console, this time it did show the error, see attached.

Thanks Graham

Thanks for the info! Going to tag @rileyrichter to see if he knows what’s going on.

Thanks for tagging me, @mattvaru! Hi, @allthingsGJD! Happy to help. Thanks so much for the console screenshot.

Could you please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page https://www.whatismybrowser.com/

I did some testing on my end and I wasn’t able to see the same behavior. I can’t function without Quickfind so I know how important it can be. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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