Cursor leaves input box while typing

I’m new to Webflow, and overall, really enjoying it…
However, there’s one bug that is starting to drive me crazy.
I expected that I’d see posts on this, but I don’t, so maybe it’s just me?

About 1/2-2/3rds of the time I start to type something in the editor, whether it’s in the page itself, the class field, or a number field, my cursor and whatever I typed simply disappears. Sometimes when I click back in it, it allows me to finish typing, others it does it several times before I get to enter the text.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a browser issue? …maybe there’s a workaround?
Is this a known bug that is being worked on? I really hope so, cause I’d love for it to stop soon…

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You use Google Chrome?

I have it, but generally use Safari.

Use Chrome and do not experience problems with the work in Webflow :slight_smile:

Interesting, I’ll try it in Chrome, and see if it happens there.

It’s seeming like it might be a Safari bug. I’ve not ever encountered it outside of Webflow, so it’s not necessarily a Safari thing, but seems like Webflow works a little smoother in general in Chrome.

I guess it’d be nice if it worked better in Safari too, but really doesn’t seem to affect my workflow at all to use Chrome…

Hi @Skyler

Thanks for posting. As @bro-design we typically recommend using Chrome as it works best for web apps like the Webflow Designer. That said, we definitely still want to make sure Safari doesn’t have any bugs like the one described.

I tested this on my end but wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

If you can also share any screenshots / recordings of the behavior that would also be very helpful here.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s the link.
It’s a somewhat random bug, but is pretty constant once it gets going. I’m not sure what causes it to start happening, because I probably spent a week or two after discovering Webflow working on this site with no issues. But shortly after I paid for hosting, it started becoming a minor issue.
I’m not sure if it got worse over time, or if my tolerance gradually lowered (a common issue with bugs of this nature), but it soon got to where I really had to watch text fields when I started typing, cause chances are I’d look up and it would be blank with no cursor in it.
Typically I’d have to try 2-4 times before it’d accept my answer.
It seemed to coincide with the interface getting sluggish, so it could just be a complexity of site issue. I do find that the working on the same pages is faster in Chrome, so I’ll probably stick with it for now.
I’m in the habit of using Safari (I think since it was released), but for the purposes of using Webflow, I really have no problem using Chrome, especially if it speeds things up. But I agree, it should be a good experience in any browser… I would assume that understanding these bugs helps the final product be more cross browser compatible.

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Thanks for sharing that link @Skyler

I’ll do some more digging here and report my findings to the team.

I would assume that understanding these bugs helps the final product be more cross browser compatible.

Definitely agree with you here!

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