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Autocomplete in designer mode

Webflow’s designer has been autocompleting style inputs for a few weeks now. It sucks because I can’t use my up/down arrows to make fast adjustments. My guess is that it’s a browser authorization that I’ve accepted by mistake. I’m on Chrome 68 on a mac.
How do you remove autocompletion?
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Ah! So, I am not alone with this bug!

I’m sorry you have it, but it’s a good news to me, as I hve it for weeks now, is super annoying, and can’t find a reason why it happens. I’m on Mac too, with latest Chrome. I have tried cleaning Chrome entirely, removing any interactions and apps, with no luck.

I haven’t thought of a browser autorisation… I don’t recall accepting anything. Also, it happens in Incoginto mode so autorisation shouldn’t interfere.

@Brando is that enough to open a ticket now? We’re open for suggestions to test things…

Having the same issue.
Latest chrome, on a Win7. :confused:

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