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Wedding Invitation created using webflow

Hi All,
I’m running an online travel startup company, but I’m a designer at heart. So, I’m currently developing a digital agency. I am so amazed by the features offered by Webflow. Webflow help me a lot in creating simple website (non e-commerce feature) for client.

My latest work are creating a wedding invitation. Here there are:

Please do take a look, tell me your opinion and constructive feedback.

Overall I’m satisfied with webflow and looking forward for its new feature! Awesome guys!


That’s a great idea @ariss! Glad you’re finding Webflow very useful! Can’t wait to see more of your designs.

Quick question. I noticed the site takes longer than 15 seconds to load content. Are you hosting with Webflow or someone else? I ask because I’m actually gauging speeds before switching! Thanks!

@Jonas76 his site is not hosted on Webflow. You can checkout sites like or …they have big background images that may take a second to load on even fast connections.

I like that. Thanks for getting back to me. Sounds like you guys are my new bet on design technology :), and a new customer.

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Hi @Jonas76, sorry for late replying. No, I didn’t host that website on webflow. Because it’s just a development site so I host it on a cheap spec web hosting. I didn’t realize It took more than 15 sec to load, beacuse in my side the load time feels ok.

I have a website hosted on webflow, it is:
I’m using a custom domain but hosted on webflow. That website also created using webflow. I think webflow is doing a good job! For me (that really not a web expert), webflow is a one stop solution. Keep the good work @thesergie.

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Thanks @ariss! Stoked to see another one of your sites. Keep them coming! :thumbsup:

Very creative idea @ariss! Most wedding invites are boring and all the same! How do you make the “I love you” appear and disappear in that newlyweds image?

Thanks for getting back to me on that. I agree that the design tool is top notch for rendering out responsive sites that you can download and further edit with Sublime 2. Nice site! However I’m still getting really slow connections on your none Webflow site, just a heads up! Great work!