Building my new business within only 2 days - thanks Webflow : )

Hi there,

I just want to share my new website with you guys:

I had the idea for the business on the 4th of September and everything was up an running on Squarespace, before I heard about Webflow. So last Friday I quickly changed the site to Webflow and just yesterday we have sent out the first newsletter.

My point is - creating this site was not easy - but super fast and I´m actually quite happy with the result - so thank you Webflow : )

I´d love to hear your opinion - what do you think, does the site appeal to you anything I could approve using Webflow?

Thank you,


Well done! Nice look and feel! and yes… just continue with Weblfow! forget all the others!

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Hey Simon,
Site looks nice, good implementation of land page best practices.
Definitely stay with Webflow, it might be a little more difficult out of box, but will quickly surpass anything you can do on SquareSpace.

One comment about your site would be the hero image, it took some time to load, and did so in chunks. You can dramatically improve this with a couple tweaks.
Firstly, I inspected the image and found it to be in excess of 3000 px wide. You can easily get away with reducing this to closer to 1800-2200 pixels, which will shed some of the file weight.
Secondly, run the image through an application like ImageOptim, which will dispose of unused meta data and again reduce the file size, sometimes upwards of 25%.

Hope that helps.

Otherwise, great work!

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I just said a similar thing on another show and tell, but you need to optimise your images as it will really affect not only your users but also your google rankings as speed is a critical component these days.

A pingdom speed test shows that you have two high res images on your home page which are unnecessarily large for a screen and could be considerably smaller

Here’s the pingdom test results:!/bMwr8p/

You page size is a total of 4.1 MB, and as you’ll see Vase.jpg is 2.1MB and Britta_Reineke_Wonce_Founder_2000px.jpg is 1.2MB. So you could get those down to about 120Kb and 250Kb quite easily with no real loss in quality on screen by doing a save for web in photoshop as a jpeg with a 60 quality setting. And hence save around 70% of your current page weight which would increase your page load speed on webflow’s speedy servers dramatically.

And it’s especially important to optimise your images when using webflow as it doesn’t use a mobile first approach, and hence the huge images will have to be downloaded by mobile users as well.

I hope that helps

Hi Taylor,

Thank you so much for your massive help - I made all the changes you have suggested and I´m super thankful for this.

I should know better, but the truth is I don´t and I´m always supper happy to learn new stuff while doing things, so just THANKS : )

Also, glad that you like the page - I´ll stay with with Webflow for sure, there are many new projects on my list and of course I also keep on improving this site.

I still want to add a header that comes up when you leave the first image, but I can figure out how to do that just jet, so it will take a few more days…

Also I would maybe include some other features like that tab feature as well, but I need to look into that a little more.

Well - thank you and have a great day / evening / night,

That´s a fantastic advise, it´s super obvious, but I just think, when it´s uploading it should be fine, but you´re completely right - I changed it now ; )


That’s a good step forward as your original page load speed test came in at 9.81 secs, so you’ve almost halved that to around 5 secs now. But you’re images are still quite a lot bigger than they need to be, as you could still save 75% of the size with no noticeable loss of quality which should take your page load time down to about 1 sec.

So I’ve optimised your orignal images for you and attached below:

So click on the images and then download them and replace your current images and you’ll save over 1.1MB off of the site weight, which is almost half of the current weight.

I hope that helps and remember page load speeds are one of the most important considerations.

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A great free tool if you don’t have Photoshop is Tiny PNG and Tiny JPG which both can help you save a considerable amount off of your file sizes easily.

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Wow - thank you so much - I updated the images and did the speed test and now I´m under 3 sec

I never thought too much about this - so glad you didn´t let loose ; )



Yep, you’ve saved 3MB off of your page size from 4.1MB to 1.1MB now with no noticeable difference in quality, and your speed has come down to under 2 seconds on average from almost 10 seconds previously. So your site now loads 5 times faster than before which will help it on google rankings and users not getting frustrated waiting for it to load, and leaving before it does.

It’s important, but most don’t do it. I’m glad it helped : )

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Hi Simon,

As @marshalletaylor said, definitely stick with Webflow! I’ve come from Squarespace too and once you’ve used WF you realise how totally limiting Squarespace is. Plus the vast majority of UI features that Squarespace sells itself on are easily doable in Webflow. Oh and the WF forum are alot more friendly and helpful haha.

Absolutely love the site as well, the look and feel is spot on for what you offer. Got a bit of Scandinavian design feel to it which is top. The only slight change I would make is the hover state on the buttons, the white jarred me a bit because it bleeds out into the background, perhaps just a lighter grey? Or you could go from block fill to black stroke.

Nice work and loads like a dream (I’ll be keeping those optimisation tools handy!)

I’d like to add that you should put in some sort of indication that there are more sections below. Unless I scrolled, I’d only think there was that one page and that was it. the rest is pretty much hidden and unknown.

And yeah, lots of good help here in the forums :smile:

Hi Jamie,

Thank you so much for your feedback - this forum really is amazing : )

I changed the point you mentioned and also used your proposed solution of just adding a border - looks nice.

So thanks for the hint and the overall good feedback - I highly appreciate it and I´m glad you think the page is in line with the concept : )


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Simon, I think this forum post should be evidence to why you should always build with Webflow. #webflowcommunity :slight_smile:

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Just added a little arrow that unfortunately will not be visible on every screen size and every device , but it´s a start ; )

Now I would need to make some nice animation to slide a little further down when the arrow is clicked, but I guess for now it´s fine, the arrow is there to indicate there is more.

Thanks for your help and most definitely: such a great forum.