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Wedding one pager with some nice interactions

Hey friends,

I have designed a website for a new duo that plays Indie hits live at weddings. The project has been a lot of fun and is full of small interactions. I am amazed how far you can adapt the Webflow form to achieve very nice results.

What do you think?

Webflow Showcase:

Site link:

Awesome form: :tada:

All the best


Overall nice site :slight_smile:

I like the amount of air. The menu. Love the bottom right animation blob.
Nice use of colors.

Sorry, nothing useful from me.

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Hey Marius,

Top work! For me the best bits of the site are the illustrations (gorgeous style!), I love the embedded Spotify playlist and really liking the contact FAB button, sweet bit of animation.

My only feedback would be to increase the padding on the left hand side text column, on my laptop it looked quite tight and I think giving it a bit more space would be cool. Also I think the menu jarred with me a bit, just because it slides over the full width of the screen. Could it just slide over a portion of the screen and act as a sidebar rather than a full window menu?

Apart from that amazing work and as I said the illustrations are fantastic!


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Very nice work @MariusJurtz :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your kind feedback :hugging:

Thanks @jamiesamman992, really helpful feedback. I will definitely add more space on the left and try your suggestion with the menu as well. Thanks a lot for this!


@jamiesamman992: Great suggestion. I like the slim menu better, so I implemented it directly. What do you think?


Hi @MariusJurtz,

Very nice looking website! Love the custom svg’s.
Just a tiny detail, things doesn’t always look horizontally and vertically centered on your bottom-right menu

Also, as a UX thing, when I click this little enveloppe, I expect the site to take me to a contact form.
If I was looking for your facebook or soundcloud page, I wouldn’t click there.
It might be interesting to use a different icon like :

What do you think ?


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