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Website showcase using innovative tricks

Hi all,

As a long-term advocate of the Webflow platform, I have spent many an hour learning the in’s and out’s of the incredible program you have created.

Recently, we have launched our new site, which has been totally built in Webflow. We’d love you guys to review it as we are trying to get it featured on the popular tab of the Webflow showcase.

We’ve used a mix of legacy and 2.0 interactions to bring the pages to life whilst inputting JS and blending modes to give it that extra bit of oomph.

Let us know your thoughts!

Thanks :smile:


Very nice, you can see an impressive amount of work.
In my opinion, some of the interactions seem to be slow.

I am sure that right now this site is worthy of “popular tab”!
You are cool!

Fantastic design !

However, I agree with serjgavriluk, in particular for the menu interaction. It’s a bit slow, which is a bit annoying when closing it. I don’t want to wait for every single menu link to go away, move it all in one go…
Other than that, a great design, very modern and urban, it’s really awesome !

Site is amazing. I’m dying to know how you did the rollover text where the letters change. Is it done with custom code or webflow interactions?