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Advertising agency corporate site made in Webflow

Hey everyone,

I’ve designed and builded a website for the advertising agency I work for. With a lot of fun… and a lot of struggle :sweat_smile:
But I’m satisfied with the result. Here can you find the showcase.
This is the published live site:

Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you very much!

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Very nice website!

A couple of accessibility things …
It’s not immediately obvious that this is tabs:

It’s not best practice for accessibility to NOT have labels for forms. Just a placeholder can be confusing for many people.

Thanks Jonathan!

I understand what you mean. It is always balancing between ‘cool design’ :wink: , accessibility and wishes of clients.

Regards, Wouter

Hi Wouter!

The site looks really really cool. What really got my attention was the ‘Snap to section’ effect. Would you please share how you achieved it?

Hi Pablo, thank you very much!
For that ‘snap to section’ I’ve used the script fullPage. It’s easy to setup. Very customizable with many options. You can find also some info in the Webflow forum.

Feel free to ask if you need more info!

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Funny you don’t mention users in that list :wink:

Haha, that’s what I mean when I talk about accessibility/usability.

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Hi Wouter!

I love the interactions and visual design of this site! Quick things I noticed when scrolling through.

The Team section paragraph text is cut off, in the browser size I have. When I press full screen it will only then shows me the rest of the text.

Next, I find it hard as the user to interact with this section. When I hover over a profile it takes a while for their name and title to fade in. Then when I want to click their info the automatic carousel changes too quickly for me to click. *I suggest having the vertical scroll act as a horizontal scroll through for this section. That way the user can control the pace of scroll. *here is the link to the tut

Last thing: I noticed the logo is a little difficult to read in certain parts of the video with white backgrounds and low contrast. May I suggest making a white background and black logo like you have on the remainder of the site.

INCREDIBLE! It’s even better than my website! Haha.