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Website not showing up anywhere in Google

I’ve launched my site about 2 weeks ago and within the first few days when I typed my name in Google my site was showing on the second page. Now it’s not showing at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

Published site is

Webflow project can be viewed on my public profile:

Thanks in advance

Hi @sammut have added your site to Google Search and Bing Search?ä

Thanks @JanneWassberg how exactly did you do that?

Are you able to do the same for another site I’ve worked on

Hi again @sammut. You need to decrese you amount of text in Meta Description. If you have to much text Google might not rank you site to high


Hi @sammut here are some links


Hi @sammut here are some guidelines for search engines.
Mete Title 1-70 chars
Meta description 1 - 160 chars
Be sure to have your main keywords in H1

Check your Google index status
(also works for images/videos etc.)

Like @JanneWassberg said - Fetch your site (Create a google-console account before):

Also your index page is very cool but without any text - so everything will be slowest


  • Change “Brand and Digital Designer” to<h2> (One H1 per page is better) - or wrap this text with span inside h1)
  • Add alts to your images.
  • “Selected work —” is not <p> but<h2>
  • Maybe in the top or bottom of the page add 2-3 <p> about you (Better for SEO)
  • Your title is very weak (without any keywords + not relevant to the page) - your title should be something like “web & graphic designer | Daniel Sammunt” (This is not “selected work” page but home)

Rank cheker (You have a lot of tools like this - for PRO but most of them with pricing plans):

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