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My site doesn't show up on Google. Any help?


I’ve been publishing my site for a month now, but still when I type my name on Google my site doesn’t show up. Linkedin always is the first result on the list. When I type the url ( I can access it without any problem.

Does someone have the same problem or any solution?

Thank you !

Can you share your public link (see 1st post of forum) and the published link of your site please?

Sure !
public link :

published link:

Your SEO settings are OK, your OpenGraph settings are ok.
Your site is nice and well balanced, the structure is correct although you could read abt HTML5 tags and define them as much as you could (Articles, footer, header etc)…

But that’s not related to your issue.

If you want to find your site when you type your name, put your name in the title.

The rule is: it’s not because you put something in the title that you’re going to find your site with Google typing this thing. But YOU CAN’T find your site typing something if this something isn’t in the title.

So you need to put your name in the title. Luckily, it doens’t break it when you do so. My advice is to use your name then a tiret quadratin like this:

It is absolutely useless to add your name to the Meta Desc field. Absolutely useless. This field is for the decription and has absolutely no grid on searches and ranks.

So if you read my rule correctly you could expect to find your site by just typing UX consultant, but that’s highly concurrential so good luck with that. But with your name, if you apply the modifications now, let it a week and it will work.

I often say I could be wrong but here, no. Took the time to double check with the in-house SEO expert for you :slight_smile:


Hey there ! I’ve manage to do the same for my site
Public link here
I’ve set every title as the name of the fairy tale + the author name but none of my page appears in Google right now. I did the SEO of this site 2 weeks ago.
Ofc, added it to Google Search + Google Analytics, crawled all the urls twice, but doesn’t make any change, when I type “Le Petit Chaperon rouge conte” or “Aladin conte” in Google my website doesn’t not appear at all.
Could you please help me on this ? Any idea ?

Also @alt, Congratulations for your site, very clean !
But will you keep the blue borders on the input on the focus state of your form ? Don’t you think it would be better just to keep the bottom border ?
Just an opinion…

Hi @alt. Nice site! I found a typo:

“AL is a… She has a strong ability [currently says “hability”] to under…”

So much fairy-tale material — including the original stories, and all kinds of recycling — has been published on the web you’d be extremely lucky to ever rank highly for this content.

Hey Vincent

Your response really helped me out! I made some adjustments to my titles and was wondering if you had any additional advice as it seems you are extremely knowledgeable.

I am having the same issues I want to be able to find my site via a name search “River Davis”

I’ve submitted to google index, linked analytics, had google crawl all the pages etc

Don’t know what I am missing… :frowning:

as @jmw said that’s extremely unlikely, your site has to beat hundreds of sites with a huge page rank. To get visibility that way, it’s not what you do locally that counts but how many sites link to each or your tales and how high of a rank those sites have.

So it’s not impossible, you could manoeuver to get links from incredible sites, but it is very very unlikely.

take that with a grain of salt ;-p

is your name in the TITLE of the site like I adviced earlier? That’s the only thing.

In terms of SEO, what could I say… there is the basic things you can do, like setting up SEO fields and OG fields appropriately, and here, webflow is the best tool, allowing you to preview the results, that’s invaluable. Also a bit of knowledge is important, like what’s indexes is only the title, and the definition is only a definition, nothing in there is indexed. That’s the basic things.
Now there is also SEO strategies, that you put in place with SEO experts. Involves creating SEO content, content crafted to increase the reliability of your site around certain domains. SEO experts define a structure and use SEO Writers to produce content. The more you pay the better content you get. SEO strategies WORK, they aren’t specifically expensive and they are the only way to be relevant on generic terms.

In other words, if you want your name to be found, do the basic, if you want something generic to be found (bakery in new york, dentist in london) do an SEO strategy.

Also, Google ads work. Especially for local businesses.

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I have difficulties understanding SEO from time to time, so I started making the SEO guide here on the forums. It has infographics of Do’s and Don’ts


Justs stumbled on this one


oops… thanks a lot !

Thank you very much Vincent! Didn’t though it was that easy. Hope it will work :slight_smile:

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