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My website does not rank at all


I launched my website: about 1 month ago and it still does not rank at all on Google.

I followed Webflow tips on SEO (responsive design, keywords, SERP-in content, meta titles, descriptions) but it still doesn’t seem to work.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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Did you link to webmaster tools and submit your URL to Google?

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What are you doing to rank your website on google or other search engine? Did you complete your website on page yet?

You should check your website using Google Analytics. I think by using this tool you’ll catch the problem. :slight_smile:

Did u submit your website to Google Search Console? Check that and if you’ve done that then next step is to check that all your pages got indexed or not.

Hi, it’s is on google (see image below) you need to ensure you complete a sitemap, upload to google webmaster, ensure that you complete all your meta data on webflow and have the keywords you want to rank for in the site content. It can take quite a few months for your site to move up the rankings and even then there is still no guarantee that your site will appear on the first page. It’s a very competive world oiut there and if some page are long standing and have good SEO rankings already then its going to be difficult for you to jump ahead of them on Google. <img src="//" width="440" height="500">


Link isn’t working fine. Can you check it again?

cant get image to upload - here is the link showing the website appearing on google site:

2 pages are indexed… but 1 is dead.

First of all, the website is only 1 month online. It will take a couple of months for Google to index the website complete.

Secondly, the website has been set up as an onpager. The content (pages) that are behind the # ( are not indexed by Google.

Make sure that you’r create pages for all content. For example:

Finally, for which country is the website intended? You are working with a .ch domain name. And the texts on the website are English.


I have used this submit a url to google thing, it helps to crawl, but since i guess my content is not that upto the mark that i am not able to rank it.

Did you find out the solution yet. Why your website isn’t ranking like other websites?

Recently, i have tried doing the on page seo tricks and it is helping a bit with the combination of updating the content. Kind of helping. lets see where it takes me.

Okey! Take your time and start. lol

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