Correct title tag is not shown in Google Search

Hi there!

I’ve built the website in Webflow.
You can see it here:

My problem is that Google only shows “dansbrudevals” as the title tag of the homepage, when I search for the name on Google. I don’t even rank on the first page and the website launched in September.

The title tag entered in Webflow is this:
The title tag shown in Google is this:

The strange thing is that when I do a site: command for the domain, it shows the title tag correct. So what is confusing Google? (

What should I do?



Have you forced Google to recrawl the site in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)?


Thanks for your quick reply!
Yes. I’ve done that multiple times with no effect.


Do your site and page SEO settings match up? Also, I’m seeing that most of your site pages are missing Meta Descriptions. If you are using all the pages in the project, you’ll want to fix that… just an FYI.