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Website is slow

My website on is really slow with rendering bugs. It’s not snappy and performant. Any ideas?

@cjroe it looks like you’re loading 5 different font families which gets pretty heavy.

I ran your site through Pingdom Speedtest and the fonts weighed 2.74mb which is fairly heavy.

Your site is still loading very quickly though from this end:!/dY223c/

What kind of latency are you seeing on your end?

I don’t quite understand the statement of “is really slow with rendering bugs,” could you provide more information please?


11 AM

Your website is scoring very well… but as @waldo said… your TTL needs review.

2.3s for gtmetrix
2.25s for pingdom

Not sure why gtmetrix is reporting a direct page size (1.08mb) than pingdom (3mb).

The extra Google fonts is a good point.

It might be on my end with Chrome. The browser is sluggish in general.

Thanks for the reports guys. Really appreciate that. @Waldo @Revolution

I’ll look into it further.

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