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Website Slow Load - Fonts

Hi there,

I’m trying to improve the speed of our website loading time -, It seems a big part slowing down the site is because it loads in ~23 different types of the same font, when we only generally use 1 font and 4-5 different styles of this font.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Updated with proper link.

Hi Cam, thanks for posting!

Do you have a link to your live site so we can test loading times?

Hi Brando,

Certainly do:

Hi Cam,

Thanks for sharing. I used Pingdom to test your site speed and it appears to be loading in less than a second:

I’m not sure what tool you are using to test with, but there were no errors here regarding fonts files.

That said, here are some steps you can take to ensure there are no extra fonts being used:

If you are using PageSpeed, feel free to reference this post from our CTO: How PageSpeed Actually Affects Your Google Rankings

I hope this helps!

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