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Google downloading entire font family - Page speed bug?

I’m looking for a potential solution to the following problem.

Webflow is downloading the entire font family “Montserrat” equaling out to over 500kbs when the site is only using 3-4 font weights.

I have downloaded the fonts I would like to use exclusively on our site. These fonts combined equal about 36kb of space. Even after testing on individual pages without any of the original Montserrat fonts Webflow is still downloading the original font family as well as calling to ajax.googleapis slowing down the web page even more.

Ideally, the solution is to I would like to use the custom downloaded font and prevent Webflow from downloading the original web font from the google web font library. But unfortunately, even after cleaning all of the styles and removing the original font the problem still exists.

Any ideas? Is there a way to replace EVERY font on the website without having to create an entirely new project? This font issue is slowing our site down immensely, especially on mobile.

The page I am testing is below

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Well to be honest looking at the page in mobile there wasn’t even a slightest slowdown. Just my experience though of course. The problem of font families being loaded even when unused is very frequently mentioned on the forums, you can search for relevant topics. I don’t think the issue was ever resolved.

Thank you for taking a look. I am getting a score of 46/100 on page speed insights which is worrying especially for SEO.

I have looked extensively throughout the web and webflow forums and a solution has not been found yet.

Well, speed insights is not the most reliable test, also how is having slightly more heavy page could influence seo much?

Yes, but doesn’t fix the problem at hand.

True :frowning:

Hopefully the full font family bug will be resolved by the wf team in the near future.

Happy New Year all :slight_smile:

I made a forum account just for this Google font issue - it’s been almost a year and a half since the topic was introduced and it’s not fixed :frowning:

I won’t upload all my stats about my page load times - other people have already showed such screenshots in the past on other threads. “Fonts” alone takes up over 50% of content data and requests for my site, which is ludicrous!

It largely contributes to a dismal Mobile score on Pagespeed Insights of only 40%. And over 70% of my website traffic is mobile - so how much is this issue affecting my bounce rate?

I understand that Webflow wasn’t made to conform to Google’s SEO rules - but this topic has been brought up enough that it’s obviously an issue. If everyone who used Webflow ran in depth speed tests at Pingdom and realized how much this issue is slowing down their site - then it would be a much bigger issue.

@PixelGeek Who’s the best contact for this issue at Webflow? Can we get a temporary fix or gameplan set forth?

I love Webflow and hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

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Hi @Underdog, thanks for your post. This is indeed an open issue still and one that has been reported.

I have reached out to our team to see what the expectations should be for a fix for this and I am checking if this is due to the way the fonts are loaded or if there is some limiting factor from google that forces all of the variants to load.

The moment I have further info, I will contact you immediately. Also, this issue mainly impacts the Montserrat font, that is a large font, so the extra variants have a real impact on the site performance. For other smaller fonts the load may not be as much and as less of an impact, just an observation, the real resolution is to of course be able to only load the variants used.

When I have an update, I will post here, you can be assured though, this is an active and open issue, but I cannot give an exact timeline for the resolution.

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@cyberdave Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: I’m glad to know that it’s an open issue that is being worked on.

It will be wonderful once it’s fixed and will make Webflow even that much better :slight_smile:

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Over 38 font requests slowing down my blog pages due to downloading the entire Montseratt font family.

It is currently taking up a whopping 36% of my total content size as well :frowning:

Looking for a fix sooner rather than later.

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