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Slow page load speeds

Using Webflow I see where it has a BUNCH of file requests that significantly lower page load speeds.

My site is calling for three css files and then three java files before the page loads. Because of the “cool” animations I need these to load before the “fold” so the page will render properly. But this is really hurting my page speed and AdWords has lowered my Page Scores (which raises my CPC cost) because of the slow page speed. My AdWords category is competetive and my spend is over 100k annually, so ANY inflation of CPC is significant!

Google Page Speed Insights is rating my Desktop and Mobile at 34 & 35 out of 100. This is considered VERY poor.

I don’t really know a solution to this except to bail out of Webflow and go back to Wordpress. Not something I want to do after investing a couple of months into my new site which I REALLY like.

My site is and is hosted elsewhere.

I’ve looked at “inlining” the css and java but the file size would be huge and still take a while to load. Plus I’d have to edit the HTML to inline all the code EVERY time I make a change to a page.

Anyone else had this experience with page load speed and have a suggestion?

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You know… i used googles site analyzer. Its the only one that gave me a low score while other analyzers gave me a really high score or perfect or near perfect. I think google is over rated for this. Oh… and my page was super optimized to less than 200kb and loads under 1 second. Google still failed it. Hehe

Just ran through tools.pingdom and it was under 2s twice, 2.4 once and an odd 4.5s once. A few more tries and 2s-3s mostly with a few highs and lows mixed in.

Ninety some request. Are you hosted with Webflow?

@tahiles just saw that your domain name isn’t pointing to our servers:

Have you tried using our hosting services?

Hosting elsewhere.

Mainly for email purposes.

Would hosting on WebFlow cut down on external file requests?

Webflow hosts your site on . So this would definitely speed up your site’s load time. You can still keep your email (MX) records pointed to your current host, while pointing your A-Records and CNAME to Webflow.

None of the site speed tools I try blame the server for any speed deficit.

They all don’t like the fact the WebFlow has three external CSS and three external JS requests…

And they all want me to optimize my images, which I can do regardless of where my site is hosted…

I’ve looked at “inlining” CSS & JS and most don’t think it’s a very good practice. And that would be a HUGE pain when editing…

Where are the 90 requests coming from? A script or plugins? Typically, it’s a good idea to keep that under or around 50 (or at least I’ve seen that as a recommendation). The Webflow sites I have built hosted either with Webflow or exported are all running less than 50 or right at if CMS.

Anyone counting 90 is including images…and some of those are little arrows and markers that are just a few bytes each…

And even then the count isn’t 90…

A lot of images load to enable the nav…

@tahiles Just trying help and this is what I see from GTmetrix and Pingdom. Those request and the total page size will hurt the various scores. In reality, the site loaded up very quickly for me. :grinning:

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