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Website for Property Management


I’m pretty new to Webflow so hopefully there is an easy solution to this.

I have a client who owns a property management company and wants a tenant portal where her tenants can log-in to pay rent. She uses a software called appfolio at the moment and would like to continue using it if there’s a way to make it work within Webflow (She’d prefer not to have to link out to Appfolio but I think she may be out of luck–I’m not sure). Does anyone have any experience/ideas for this situation?


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Hi @Kate_Smith,

Sorry im still a little confused of what you are asking.

Is it just so your client can take payments which Appfolio does? What does Webflow need to do? Just host a log in page that’s hosts a bill to pay?



Did you find a solution for this?


Did you ever find an answer to this? I’m looking into solving the same problem.


I’d just have your site link-out to appfolio. A couple of my clients use that when we did sites on WP years ago