Real Estate Management Web App with Webflow

I’m a new webflow user and loving the platform so far!

I’m looking to build a real estate web application that allows agents to sign up, use a service like RET or IDX, to port over their desired MLS listings to my website. Once ported over, Agents can invite interested buyers and their agents to the listing on my website, allowing them to submit offers.

For this to work properly, the application requires integration with Docusign API (for e-signing forms) and of course some sort of IDX service. I was able to design the application in webflow and integrate memberstack and zapier for simple user logins, and personalized dashboard.

I would like to know what my options are in terms of integrating APIs with webflow, or if webflow is even the correct platform for what I’m trying to achieve. I know wordpress has some plugins for real estate work flows but I prefer the Webflow environment if possible. Any backend knowledge in regards to this would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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Hey Amin! If you’re looking to have folks sign-up and submit info based on their specific profiles, you could look into a member management tool like Memberstack — and then integrate it with Zapier (which works with IDX for example) to sync data/info.

It might be a tad bit complicated to setup but if you or whoever is working on it is familiar with technical tools and automations, it sounds like it should be possible to setup. :slight_smile:

Naitik (I’m with the Memberstack team)

Hey Naitik,
Thanks for the response, I already pay for memberstack and use it to allow user signups and costume dashboards using the hidden pages feature. What I really need help with is integrating an API like DocuSign to work with Webflow and also use Memberstack or some other app to authenticate realtors with their ID.

Also how do you use zapier with Memberstack to work with IDX services to only pull specific users MLS listings after they’ve been authenticated with their realtor ID, and not just display the local areas limitings?

Using Memberstack to authenticate on other applications is not possible at the moment, but I’ve shared this as feedback for the team.

I haven’t specifically used IDX + I’m not sure what MLS listings refers to; so this might require some more technical input from someone that is familiar with those tools. We do have a list of Memberstack Experts we can connect you with so I’ll drop a link to it here if that would be helpful. :slight_smile: